The Funhouse Massacre (2015)


The Funhouse Massacre, 2015
directed by Andy Palmer
starring Renee Dorian, Matt Angel, Scottie Thompson

Campy and intended to provide as almost as many laughs as buckets of blood, The Funhouse Massacre is a well put together movie that is certainly enjoyable, but not the most memorable. A plot in which six maniacs escape from a local asylum and begin killing locals at a horror-themed funhouse provides a ton of potential for interesting villains, but it’s only half-achieved. Jere Burns plays an evil, suicide-leading cult leader, and Clint Howard plays a creepy taxidermist, but both just disappear for much of the film, while some of the lesser villains take more screen time. Candice De Visser probably leads the rest of the pack with her twisted “Dollface” character, but it’s not extremely original and the other villains start to feel a touch bland as well. Although, it wouldn’t be fair to say that anyone does a bad job in their role and all of the villains are entertaining and effective.


The rest of the cast is rounded out fairly nicely, perhaps again hitting a few too many horror stereotypes, but the overall comedic tone and successful jokes ultimately provide enough leeway for this. When it comes to the gore, though, The Funhouse Massacre has very little restraint and there is plenty of blood throughout. At times, with things becoming more frantic, the kills come almost at the speed of a montage. It’s a solid mixture of moments featuring comedy quickly followed by gross-out splatter. What isn’t as balanced is the time spent on each character developing throughout the story. There are a few interesting plots going for the movie that are abandoned during the middle portion of the movie. And rather than having an ending that felt redeeming, it seemed to just highlight missed opportunities for a more balanced movie.


If you’re really into blood-filled horror comedies, The Funhouse Massacre is definitely entertaining enough for a rental, but so much of a tease. It’s hard to be too harsh on the movie, as there is plenty of enjoyment to be had, but overall during the credits I mentally shrugged. Even if it meant a longer runtime than 90 minutes, which I usually find to be just perfect, a little more from each of the movie’s main cast would have been very beneficial. The funhouse theme is a fantastic one for horror,and there are a lot of really great sets, alongside some really good makeup effects for the kills, but overall The Funhouse Massacre was a simultaneous surprise and letdown.



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