Psycho Sleepover (2008)


Psycho Sleepover, 2008
directed by Adam Deyoe, Eric Gosselin
starring Rachel Castillo, Emilia Richeson, Ariel Teal Toombs, Frankie Frain

Pretending to be absolutely nothing more than a satire of the slasher genre, particularly the 80’s era, Psycho Sleepover is unapologetically gross as well as hilarious at times. The story is simple enough and exists solely to advance blood, nudity, and gags: A girl accidentally murders her prank-playing boyfriend and moves to a new town, where she is invited to a sleepover with three new friends. Thankfully, for this type of movie, no time is really wasted on the plot or characters and this horror-comedy moves along quickly.


Like most Troma flicks, Psycho Sleepover holds nothing back and the comedy is uncensored, raw, and vulgar. Some would call it juvenile, and honestly, I don’t want to know those people. Even though the film intentionally features many gross-out moments, there are plenty of solid lines not just for this kind of satire, but really for any horror movie. Psycho Sleepover is thankfully comfortable in what it is, and those who worked on it are clearly horror fans. At no point are the characters portrayed as real people, they are rather accurate parodies of stereotypes and horror tropes. It features a pair of cameos horror aficionados will immediately enjoy in a downright hilarious news-broadcast scene, and parody of a horror trailer that made me pause the movie and rewind it (wasn’t just for the nudity, I swear).


Filmed on a completely shoe-string budget, Psycho Sleepover is a pretty underrated Troma movie. It’s obviously not a wonder of filmmaking, but at no point does the movie take itself seriously. Even though the film runs pretty short, the hectic slashing might be a little repetitive at a certain point, but it’s funny and entertaining enough to watch and features a great little indie soundtrack. If you are rolling your eyes in the first scene and don’t really understand or enjoy the satire,then it’s not going to be for you. For anyone else, this is a great late-night horror-comedy that easily earns a ten on the entertainment scale, even if it’s admittedly far less than perfect.



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