We Are Still Here (2015)


We Are still Here, 2015
directed by Ted Geoghegan
starring Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden

It’s such an enjoyable ride to sit through We Are Still Here for so many reasons. It’s a movie that simultaneously pays tribute to several different types of horror movies, and also offers plenty of original ideas in a fantastically paced tale. In an absolutely brilliant opening, We Are Still Here may appear to be a fairly typical haunted house movie. The initial scenes move slowly, introducing a migrating couple grieving over the death of their son, with the bleak, wintry, isolated scenery surrounding their new home before the first scare occurs. The titles appear. At this point it’s hard not to be excited for the rest of the movie.


The initial portion of the film is only a teaser, though. We Are Still Here quickly advances from just appearing to be a standard haunted house movie. The mystery that surrounds the plot teases themes of possession, spirits, urban legends, and a potentially sinister town population. Everything builds at an excellent pace, with a great cast portraying a varied and engaging set of characters that all develop in a genuine and believable manner.


However, as the film progresses, both the character and plot development is extremely impressive and shows off originality and style. Everything in the movie grows organically and slowly, no scares or plot-devices feel cheap or eye-roll inducing. It is, as said before, a slow-burner of a movie, but there are a good number of scares along the way before the film finishes hectically. Plenty of scares and gore to go around, We Are Still Here is a refreshingly original take on classic horror themes that so deserves your time.



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