Zombi Holocaust (1980)


Zombi Holocaust (1980)
directed by Marino Girolami
starring Alexandra Delli Colli, Ian McCulloch

It’s hard and probably illogical to really expect a lot from a film like (or titled) Zombi Holocaust. It’s almost a remake of Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2, even going as far as to use some of the same filming locations. The exploitative nature of the movie can be immediately understood just reading the alternative titles for the  film: Zombi 3 and Doctor Butcher. The only real change in the plot from Zombi 2 is in the initial portion of the film.


To describe the plot loosely and quickly, which is essentially the same attitude the film treats it with, a series of cannibal acts at a hospital lead a group of doctors and a journalist to investigate a suspected cult on a remote island in Southeast Asia. Certainly familiar. Zombie Holocaust does suffer from the most common symptoms of a bad, low-budget horror movie. In particular, the characters are portrayed in an amateur fashion, their decisions are inexplicably dumb at times, and the weak plot only exists to link one scene to another. All of this being said, despite not being particularly original or extraordinary well-done, Zombie Holocaust can certainly be tolerable for a certain audience.


As much as the film suffers from cliches and its own exploitative nature, there is plenty of action and gore to go around. It won’t be anything the frequent horror fan has seen before, but it’s also probably the kind of movie only a horror fan would like or appreciate. Unless you’re going through a binge of Italian gore or zombie movies, it’s probably safer just to watch Zombi 2. But for the right mood or setting, Zombi Holocaust is gory, campy, and entertaining enough for what it is.



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